How Much Does Social Media Cost?

How Much Does Marketing With Twitter Cost?

actual cost of social mediaLaunching a new Twitter account, complete with setup and outsourcing content creation/consumer interaction (all 140 characters at a time), costs an average of $2,000-$4,000 per month – and that’s just for Twitter. With that said, the total price range was $1,000-$7,500 per month.

What if you already have an existing Twitter account, but need some help to take it to the next level? Restructuring an existing Twitter account with “limited coaching” to achieve client goals is still going to cost you between$1,000-$2,500 per month, with some charging as much as $4,000 per month…just for Twitter! That’s right, if you want Facebook, you’re paying extra.

How Much Does Marketing With Facebook Cost?

If you thought the costs of marketing with Twitter were high, you might want to grab your fainting chair — Facebook marketing rates will give you a case of the vapors. To set up a new Facebook account and provide limited ongoing training to business partners, online PR agencies charge an average of $2,500-$5,000 per month, with some going as high as $9,000. Of course, this also includes status updates and interacting with customers. You know what it doesn’t include, though? Strategy.

If you’re shelling out a minimum of $4,500 per month for Facebook and Twitter management, you’re not getting any strategy behind the efforts. That costs extra (sort of like adding bacon, but not as tasty). Now, we’ll admit that the strategy is the most important part — you’ve got to go into social media marketing with a game plan and a list of goals, or you’ll never really get anywhere. This is the reason you don’t want to outsource your company’s social media management to your friend’s kid who is taking a class in marketing at college. Online PR agencies know this, so they make sure to charge you for their expertise. You know, in case they’re not getting enough of your money already.

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Apple and Microsoft Software

Whether you are using an Apple Macbook Air or a Microsoft Surface tablet, there are many options to manage your social media that is compatible with Apple and Microsoft software.

Apple is launching OS X Sierra soon and Microsoft is successfully running Windows 10 currently. Luckily, many social media managements software applications are cloud based and can be accessed from any device. Whether you are on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile, you should be able to connect form anywhere.

Here are five recommendations from one our favorite websites,

You can think of HootSuite as a Social Media Management Dashboard. Enhance your social media management with HootSuite. As of today, it’s the leading social media dashboard. You can manage multiple networks and profiles and measure your campaign results. You can learn more by going to the HootSuite website. You can send messages from Hootsuite to a Facebook Page, Twitter, Google+ Page, and LinkedIn. In addition, you can create profiles for internal communications.

Use this if: You are marketing Facebook Pages, Twitter, Google+ Pages, or LinkedIn.

Don’t use this if: you need robust Analytics. They “do” have analytics, but you have to pay for them if you go over your monthly points. These reports can get expensive ($50 each). Note: I’m a web analytics consultant with a Market Motive certification from Avinash so maybe I’m just too analytical.

Cost: Free, $10/mo for Pro

Social Sprout

Sprout Social is a social media management tool created to help businesses find new customers & grow their social media presence. It is also a Social CRM for Businesses. You can monitor all your clients social media profiles. It is affordable and is worth the monthly subscription for many people. It has one of the best social media analytics. It integrates with Google Analytics. Social Sprout may become the Social Media software that surpasses ALL the other tools. SEOmoz was looking into using Sprout Social, but they haven’t settled on any one company yet.

Use this if: you are an agency, company, or a mom and pop shop.

Don’t use this if: you need to market Google Plus. This is a BIG drawback for Sprout Social. Eventually they will get around to integrating with Google Plus. If you are promoting your Google Plus Local Business Page, use another software like Hootsuite. Remember that your Google Plus Local Business Page appears in the SERPS.

Cost: Starting at $39/mo

WildFire was bought out by Google in 2012. It provides powerful, easy-to-use social media marketing tools for pages, messages, ads, promotions, monitoring, analytics and more. While they have a video demo for their product, you’ll have to give your contact info in order to see it. You’ll be contacted by phone. I link to their video here so you don’t have to give them your info. They claim their software is good for mom and pop shops, but their meta title says something else “CompleteEnterprise Social Media Marketing Software”.

WildFire has two types of plans. One plan is the “Promotion Builder” and the other is the “Social Marketing Suite”. Their Promotion Builder is a form for sweepstakes, signup forms, coupons, contests, and quizes. Once that “promotion” is built, you target Facebook ads to that URL.

Use this if: you are an agency or your company already has a big social media marketing portfolio. This software is best suited for a company that has a full time social media expert. If you are an enterprise business with an in-house staff of social media marketers, then look into this software.

Don’t use this if: you have a small social media portfolio or you are a small mom & pop shop. The cost doesn’t justify the “Social Marketing Suite” especially since there are other tools listed on this blog post that can accomplish similar things.

Cost: Starting approximately at $35/mo if you’re using the “Promotion Builder”. For the “Social Marketing Suite” it’s $3,500/mo. This was quoted to Planet Marketing by a WildFire sales rep.


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Social Media Management Software

To make your life easier, here are 3 social media management software tools for managing your social media accounts.


Top 10 Tools For Managing Your Social Media Accounts | SEJ

Image Source: Bitly

Bitly does a lot more than just shortening links to post on your social media accounts, which keeps them neat and clean. It also features real time-analytics, bookmarking your favorite sites and pages, and the ability to track clicks.

Bitly works across multiple platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, and is free. Yep. Free.


Top 10 Tools For Managing Your Social Media Accounts | SEJ

Image Source: App Store

Everypost is a handy app that allows you to post all of your updates onto the major social networks from one place at one time. Simply write your message, add photos or videos, and hashtags then send off to Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, or via e-mail (even all at the same time, if you want). Another cool feature is the Twitter text shortener. This will automatically shorten tweets so they are under 140 characters. While there may be some glitches to correct, this is a useful, and free, app.

Sprout Social

Top 10 Tools For Managing Your Social Media Accounts | SEJ

Image Source: Social Sprout

Sprout Social is another nifty tool that can manage, post, monitor, and analyze multiple social media accounts from one location. For example, you could search for content within its Feedly integration, schedule posts, and reply to messages on Facebook and Twitter. You can also monitor messages across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn personal profiles all through on streaming inbox. But, that’s not all. Sprout Social also offers analytics so that you can visualize important metrics.

You can sign up for a free trial, but after that you’ll have to select one of three packages that range from $39, $59, and $99 per month. It costs a bit more than other tools, but it can be a great investment for businesses that are super social.


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